Space, The Final Frontier

On 12/25/08 millions of people across all ages will unite around the world to witness the latest incarnation of a vision for our future – Star Trek will be reborn once again. On 1/18 J.J. Abrams released Cloverfield. But some contingent of those in the audience of this blockbuster were there not for the film, but for a brief glimpse of the future. Here’s what they saw: Enterprise. How hot is that? For the full trailer you can go up to – watch it in HD quality and pause so you can get a good look. I’m highly excited. And if you’re not a Star Trek fan, J.J. Abrams is the guy that did Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible III, and now Cloverfield. Finally, I’d remind you that Star Trek is so much a part of our pop culture – 5 TV shows, 10 movies to date, 500+ books, and 1 animated series – because it really does resonate with people. Because of the stereotypes, there are people who would rather not stand up and be counted among the fans. But Hollywood wouldn’t keep pouring hundreds of millions into the franchise if they didn’t see it making returns. And if all that isn’t enough, here’s something we can all get behind: the first inter-racial kiss ever on television happenned on Star Trek during the 60s. Free love – now who has got a problem with that?


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