Netflix “Secret Partners” Who Could it Be?

xbox-netflix.jpg Picture credited to MSNBC.

Today Netflix announced that in additoin to LG Electronics it will announce 4 more secret partners that will enable subscribers to watch movies streamed directly from the web to their TVs. Rumors abound that one of the 3 secret partners to be announced tomorrow will be Xbox 360. According to MSNBC, there has been a string of clues to support this particular rumor. First off, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings joined the Microsoft board over a year ago. Ever since then the Digerati (and me) have been waiting for the offspring off this marriage.

Secondly, Netflix recently administered a survey to its users that popped-up on blogs. According to Kristin Kalning of MSNBC:

 The headline of the survey read “Now you can watch movies from Netflix instantly by using your existing Xbox Live account.” And then, the question: “If, as part of your Netflix membership  you could instantly watch movies and TV episodes on your TV with your Xbox 360, how likely would you/anyone in your household be to do that?”

Finally, Hastings’ indications that they will be big partners who already have living room presence millions-strong suggests someone big like Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, or TiVo.  Kalning continues:

The announcement, if it happens, will likely take place during the keynote address at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

So I’ll be waiting, baited-breath, to see if Xbox 360 is the clear console winner or has to share the stage with PS3 & Wii.


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