I Need A Vacation

Well, I’ve been at it again. Living like a gypsy. I’ve been in San Francisco, Houston, Dallas. And next month is just going to get crazier. I’ll be doing Vegas, SF, Vegas, Boston, DC, and quite possibly a few more cities as part of the new marketing campaign that I’m launching in a couple days. Maybe it’s the stress of all these launch activities, of constantly having to tin-cup for more marketing budget, or maybe it’s the travel, but I can’t help feeling a bit run down. And even though SF, Houston, & Dallas were supposed to be my vacation, I can’t help feeling like they were too much action – too much jumping around from apartment to hotel room to friend’s couch to corporate housing. And although I’m still the same old Pras – insatiable apetite for revelry, debauchery, and glory – I can’t help feeling like now, back at work, scrambling to get this campaign launched, that I actually feel stressed out – that I actually need to learn how to relax and take a vacation that isn’t just more stressful.

 I actually just started searching for destressing techniques online. Deep breathing actually kinda helped. Although the fact that I’m drinking Diet Mountain Dew as breakfast, with lunch, and as an afternoon snack is probably keeping me from really calming down.

 I can’t wait to show you this campaign I’ve been working on. It’ll be out soon. And you’re going to think it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen – or at least the coolest thing to come out of Microsoft. Once you see it, it’ll all be worth it.

Back to work…


One thought on “I Need A Vacation

  1. Hey Pras, Seems like you are doing some fun stuff at Microsoft. I am dealing with a similar situation although in a different way. Not as much travel but doing events all the time. I have found a way to take care of stress and feeling the need to relax by doing a number of things. One thing I have found useful is having an appetite of work and really enjoying what I do. This obviously does not hold with everyone. Although seems like you enjoy your work. Also working out really pumps me up, I actually dont work out but play a quite a bit of racquetball. Basically do something thats going to make you sweat. DO NOT drinking energy drinks and try to stay away from coffee. GYM/sports is your coffee. At-least try to limit your intake. Good luck!

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