Back in the Saddle

I’ve been back in the bay for 3 months now. But I seem like I spend all my time at work. It’s hard to make it from Santa Clara out to the city except for short bursts on Friday and Saturday from 10PM – 3AM. Life is just too hectic for any real attempts to reconnect with old friends. And it’s been this way for so long that my enthusiasm for this trek is flagging.

I’m hoping to change that though. Friday Dec 28th was officially the first day where I have my own apartment. And by Monday Feb 7th I’ll finally have furniture. Aisha and I are still going strong, which means lots of travel. In fact, Feb 12th will be the first weekend that I go back up to Seattle since making the move. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends on that Friday night, because the rest of the weekend will be devoted to Valentines-weekend activities. She spilled-the-beans just yesterday – apparently she’s taking me to Victoria, B.C.

Today, I’m meeting with two people at the Berkeley library, which means I’m back on-campus on a beautiful, sunny day, early in the semester when people are care-free because midterms haven’t hit yet. While driving to Berkeley, I couldn’t remember the exact route from San Jose so I plugged it into Ms. Garmin. For her to work, she needed an actual address, and after just a few moments of thinking, one came back to me – 2612 Dana St. – the site of the infamous Cottage, thank god its now written down here, safe from the erosion of time and memory.

Everything about Berkeley came back like riding a bike. I circled southside, looking for street parking for about 10 minutes, before remembering that I’m here for work and can expense a parking garage. I wracked my brain about where to go for lunch where I’d be able to find healthy food and free wifi – before remembering that I never ate anything healthy while at Berkeley, which is why I was coming-up short. I did, however, remember that Café Milano has free wifi, and I’m now sitting here writing this blog post.

It feels good to be back. Perhaps working in a job where you target students, I’ve encouraged those parts of me that are still youthful, writing-them-off as an attempt to remain in-touch with my target market.

I study students’ clothes, their mannerisms. One guy is reading a course reader while in-line at Chipotle and I almost consider taking a picture and uploading to twitter to illustrate the value a tablet like Kno might have in his life.

My life is finally starting to come together. I’m back in Berkeley. I’m back in the bay. I’m beginning to make-good on all the things I promised myself I would do. I’ve taken a few steps backward – I’m not quite as healthy and quite as well-networked as I’d like, but I can build on this.

Now it’s time to do something that I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. It’s time to buy a new small-sized Berkeley sweatshirt. The last time I bought one – 2 years ago –  I was an XL – and I haven’t had the chance to replace it.


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