Talk Time

So I was checking-out my phone bill (for the first time in quite a few months, I might add). My phone bill is kinda high. It’s always been high. First it was high because I talked a lot, more than anyone expected, and one-day in 2005 Verizon called me and asked if I’d like to upgrade my plan, because I was paying exorbitant overage fees every month. So I did. Then I started texting, and so one-day in 2006 they called again, and told me I should probably be on a texting plan.

Then I got a long distance girlfriend. So when I signed a new contract, now with AT&T Windows Mobile phone (don’t ask), and a voice, data, and text plan, I made sure to get 1000 minutes/month. And to go with my shmancy new smartphone – an unlimited data plan. That seemed like enough, right? It wasn’t. I started paying overage fees, again. So I upped-it, again. This-time to 1400 minutes per month.

Then, when I went in to switch from the Windows Mobile brick I had bought to an iPhone 3GS, I signed another new contract. I would have just re-signed the same contract I had before – but the nice guy at AT&T pointed out that it was $79 for the 1400 mins/month contract, and only $69 for the Unlimited Voice plan. So I got that.

So today, after having a year to get used to having Unlimited Voice, and after six months to get good at having a long-distance girlfriend again, I checked-out my phone bill.

Total minutes last month: 3,020.
I did some quick calculations. Assuming 8 hours asleep/in the shower – I have about 16 hours of “useful-time” per day. Assuming 30 days in a month, that’s 28,800 “useful-minutes” in a month. Which means last month I spent 10.4% of my time on the phone.



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