Weekend Jetlag

At Eleven O’Clock on Friday night, in doorways across America, pretty young things – belles & beaus alike – emerge scantily clad & abuzz with energy and fill the night with temerity and debauchery. They climb into cabs and cars, busses and bikes, crowds gather and grow at pubs and clubs, they revel in youth, and drink, and song. They bark at the moon, they own the night. And as the dawn breaks, their faces will fall, and into the morning, their voices grow small.

Saturday night: Rinse and repeat. Sunday morning: sound asleep. And Sunday night, early to bed, but sleep eludes them, too rested instead. The Monday sun rises, rude and harsh, and into work, the throngs depart, cursing the morning, the work, and the heat, And on and on, rinse and repeat.

The trouble, my friends, is weekend jetlag:
We go out every weekend, oftentimes this means driving from the south bay into the city, dancing till 2, Lori’s, Denny’s, Pizza Orgasmica, or – my personal favorite – Naan N Curry, till 3:30, and then an hour-drive back to Mountain View, with perhaps a few stops. All-in-all, there are more nights than not that I get home after 4AM. Which means either I wake up sleep-deprived at 8AM to maintain my schedule, or, more likely, I succumb to sleep and rise closer to noon. And after doing this routine, rinse-and-repeat, Friday and Saturday nights, I might wake-up on Sunday around 1PM. How, then, can society expect me to wake-up at 7AM on Monday morning?

It’s simply absurd. Even when I try, I can’t possibly get to sleep by 11PM on Sunday night. I’ve tried Melatonin. I’ve tried warm milk. I’ve tried working out. Or even getting out of bed and doing some pushups to tire myself out. The only successful answer is to simply not sleep. Karen – my mentor in the ASUC long long ago, would party as hard as anyone, but on Sunday morning she was up at 9AM, making the rest of us scrambled eggs or pancakes. She was out the door by 11. And at the library by the time it opened at Noon.

Here’s what I propose: In the vein of “casual fridays,” I think we need a “weekend Jetlag Monday” policy – where we are allowed to log-in from home, get some work done on Sunday night from 10PM till 2AM, and then aren’t required to show-up to work till 11AM on Monday mornings. This would help to cushion the blow, and give us one -day to re-acclimate to our weekday “timezone.”

Because reigning-it-in on the weekends just isn’t an option. =)


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