Greek Yogurt Tutorial

Greek Yogurt seems to be getting quite popular. The “greek” section in the grocery store aisle actually appears to be growing every day. And since the new ones are always on-sale, I’ve tried every brand. So here’s a quick tutorial on how to buy greek yogurt:
The Carbmaster Yogurt isn’t real “greek” yogurt, and the consistency is a bit strange, but the calories are low, and the carbs are low, as they should be. so go for it.
The Greek Gods greek yogurt is TERRIBLE for you, and it pisses me off that they would give “Greek” yogurt a bad name. It’s marketing genius to slap “Greek” on something right when “greek is getting trendy,” but if you read the nutrition facts, it’s just plain not good for you.

Yoplait Greek Yogurt tastes terrible. It’ll be on-sale; don’t buy it; there’s a reason.

Chobani – My favorite. Strawberry, Blueberry are both good. But look for Peach, and Rasberry which other brands don’t offer. and my favorite – Mango!!

Fage – make sure you grab 0%, not 2%, or the calories will be way-high. It’s also damned expensive. Also, consider turning it into a bigger meal, with some granola and berries. That way you can also buy the bigger tub and make it slightly more economical than individual servings.

Trader Joe’s Mocha European-Style – I love chocolate. And for some reason, nobody makes a chocolate flavored greek yogurt. (Business opportunity here, people). TJ’s has a “low-fat” yogurt, that isn’t “greek,” and the calories aren’t as-high as I would like, but it might just satisfy your chocolate craving, and it might fill you up more-effectively than some zero-calorie-chocolate-jello-concoction could-ever-hope-to, because of the protein. So give it a whirl. Comes in two chocolatey flavors.

Oikos – seems a bit expensive. Not sure why. But if it’s at price-parity, I’d say why-not.

The rest – most “Greek” yogurts are good. Just make sure you compare the ratio of carbs to protein.

Hope that helps.


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