2012 Year In Review

Facebook has this new 2012 Year in Review feature. Which is really brilliant actually. There were some moderately successful FB apps in previous years that didn’t have half this functionality, so this is a smart extension of the Timeline idea of memorializing your life via Facebook – and making it the center of your memories, vs. still having your real memories live on your hard-drive of photos.

The app did a good job in crunching my year and correctly picked two out of what I consider my three biggest events from 2012.

  1. I bought a house – this has actually eclipsed my job as my number one passion. I started house-hunting in January and it took six months from the time I got serious about searching till I closed on a condo, and another six months from that time before I finished the remodel. It has been a steep learning curve – and despite a tremendous amount of help from Aisha and Dad, I’m still now putting finishing touches on the place. There’s still easily 5 more projects I could do to continue investing in the place – but the law of diminishing marginal returns suggests I should try to restrain myself from pouring more time and money into the condo. Doing this thing, buying this home, gives me great pride. I think – I hope – that it was a wise decision – something I will look back on as a huge investment in my future.
  2. I switched jobs – this is something that I’m very proud of. SoFi has the potential to change finance for the better, and at a time when so much of the national discussion is about overwhelming student loan debt, a generation burdened by it, and the denouement of a financial crisis, it’s an important space to be seeing innovation in. I sometimes think SoFi has the potential to be the Google of Finance. It has the potential to change the way people invest their money. Kickstarter – but aimed at a very specific 1 Trillion dollar student debt market. I’m very passionate about the space and very happy with the move. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to make this impact – to have these resources – to work with these people. The idea of SoFi would not be possible without a tremendous backbone of capital-raising experience and financial know-how – and I am constantly in awe of how much I have yet to learn on that side of the business.
  3. Aisha moved to the bay area. This isn’t really my accomplishment. It’s really hers. She got a fantastic job at Oracle, and after exploring her passions and career for 2 years, I think she wants to stay here for a couple years. It’s fantastic to have her near me after her previous stints in Seattle, Reno, and Seattle again. I’m finally entering the world of normal couples who live in the same city and have the same friends. It’s a huge learning curve – to learn how to plan a social life and an extra-curricular life and balance another person in the equation – and it’s a huge joy to have someone around to share everything with. I think I don’t really fall in love with a place unless i have someone to share it with – which is perhaps why it was hard to fall for Seattle – I never found someone to share it with until the very end. I’m excited to share San Francisco with Aisha.

Overall, it’s been the biggest year of my life. Over the past eight years, I’ve often wondered when I will finally grow up – when I will finally grow into the grown-up I thought I would someday be. When I will start looking like the person I always wanted to be. The answer is perhaps that we start becoming that person when we start seeing ourselves that way already. As I take stock of this year, I recognize that I never would have expected these accomplishments of myself just a year ago. And now that they are real – I am perhaps already where I wanted to be. And I am thankful.


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