Aisha joins enterprise search startup Lucid Works

This comes about six weeks late, but Aisha has just joined the sales team at LucidWorks. They offer services around a big data search technology called Lucene Solr. It was a tough decision to leave Oracle, but the right one. The most important reason for leaving was that she saw that Oracle wasn’t doing everything it needed to make the transition from an enterprise software company to an enterprise services company – which is now clearly where the industry is headed. And “choosing to skate to where the puck is going to be” – rather than where it is – makes a lot of sense to me.
I’m also excited about her working for a startup – for the first time she can have complex roles and not be pidgeon-holed into one box. I’m hopeful that in addition to sales experience, she’ll have a chance to develop a partner/reseller channel for them as well, and she’s already had a couple opportunities to do some marketing.
Finally, the numbers made sense. I think the current silicon valley environment is one where you can earn a great salary while also having stock options in a small but growing company.

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